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FiveFocal LLC (AKA: Five Focal LLC)
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Business Identifier: next-generation imaging applications: extended performance imaging, compact footprints, and applications requiring integrated image processing in visible through IR.
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Location Information

1600 Range Street Suite 202
Boulder, CO 80302
   (303) 900-2317
Location: Single
Congr. District: 02
County: Boulder

Public Profile

FiveFocal LLC delivers innovative imaging systems, tools, and solutions for next-generation applications. Experience includes system level design and analysis; the successful development of imaging systems must not only consider the lens and sensor but must also consider a wide design space including the effects of structural, thermal, and straylight issues, integrated DSP, visual perception, and manufacturing and testing technologies. Some examples of novel imaging systems that benefit from integrated design are: Wafer Level Optics - experience with the optical and system design, validation and test of wafer level cameras. Understanding of the wafer-level technology including: optical design, stray light mitigation, design for manufacture (DFM), packaging, test, reliability and conformance testing from the visible spectrum to the long wave infrared (LWIR). Foveated Imaging - FiveFocal has developed and patented a compact 360 degree foveated imaging system. The system enables full 360 degree situational awareness with the ability to rapidly zoom into any point within the wide field of view. The compact system was developed for UAV applications and has a final weight of less than 50g and size of less than 85 cm3. Visual Odometry Through an ARMY funded program, FiveFocal is developing innovative solutions aimed at enabling a compact, soldier mounted vision system to support 3D mapping, modeling, and localization in GPS denied environments. This contract leverages FiveFocal’s extensive experience with developing commercial products for mobile imaging applications. Computational Imaging - extensive experience designing custom optics and chip-level DSP algorithms in an extended depth of field product for compact/mobile camera applications. Our understanding of various computational imaging technologies gives us the ability to provide unbiased guidance on the value of applying these technologies to a variety of photographic and task based imaging problems. Component Analysis and Selection - has analyzed numerous 3rd party technologies involving complex trade spaces for potential integration into compact camera modules. The analysis includes both passive and active components for applications such as auto-focus and image stabilization.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2015 2 NSF $1,199,548
Project Title: Yield Improvement for Miniature Cameras
2014 2 NSF $788,500
Project Title: Computational Low-cost Arrayed Infrared (CLAIR) Cameras
2013 1 AF $149,999
Project Title: Innovations in Physical Modeling and Statistical Exploitation of Electromagnetic Target Signatures
2011 1 DHS $100,000
Project Title: Hybrid Robotic Vision System (HyVis)
2011 1 Army $70,000
Project Title: Foveated Stereo IR (FoSIR) Imaging for Robotic Navigation

Key People / Management

  Alan Baron

  Rob M Bates -- Director, Optical Engineering

  Adam Greengard -- Senior Optical Engineer

  Kenneth S Kubala -- Chief Technology Officer

  Huck Wach -- Director, Imaging Systems