Figur8 Movement Analysis Platform– Advanced Digital Solution for Evaluating Musculoskeletal Healt
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Nan-Wei Gong

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Figur8 Inc

2 Park Plaza Suite 605
Boston, MA 02116
   (617) 202-6750
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Contract Number: FA8649-20-P-0661
Start Date: 3/9/20    Completed: 6/9/20
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FIGUR8, Inc. has created a new standard of care to score musculoskeletal (MSK) health, a problem that costs the US more than $980 billion annually. No solution has been implemented to digitize and diagnose “soft tissue” problems that include the MSIs in the study involving USAF Special Operators. Our company, FIGUR8, now makes it feasible to do so – and to do so quickly and inexpensively. The FIGUR8 team has built the FIGUR8 Fusion System, a highly accurate, scalable and wearable hardware and supporting based software to measure, score and apply artificial intelligence (AI) analytics to make MSK health information available for everyone at 90% less cost and can be done in 95% less time. The applications of the FIGUR8 FUSION System range from quick screening of body injury risks to a diagnostic companion and rehabilitation feedback for patients. A FIGUR8 Body Assessment report provides clinicians with data to better inform clinical decision making, and injury risk screening. Movement metrics culminated from muscle activation, joint angles, body segment position and tasks are captured and analyzed during a set of specific activities to generate an individual’s movement analysis or Kinematic Blueprint. Based on these inputs, the intelligent platform identifies and flags potential deficits and strengths. This process can speed up the evaluation process for a clinician (i.e.: physical therapist, athletic trainer, physician) and expedite prescribing a treatment approach, pre employment baseline screening, injury assessment for insurance claims and readiness for return to sport after injury. FIGUR8 is the most advanced digital solution for evaluating musculoskeletal health. It is the only diagnostics platform that captures three-dimensional skeletal movement in conjunction with muscle output to help trainers, therapists and physicians objectively measure musculoskeletal performance and recovery. Developed through partnerships with the MIT Media Lab and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Sports Science Lab, FIGUR8’s Movement Assessment Platform is the most accurate portable on-body assessment system, leveraging years of research in athletic performance optimization using the latest advancements in wearab

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