Zeger-Abrams Inc
Business Identifier: advanced signal processing techniques, emphasizing on suppression of co-site and co-channel interfering signals alongside the enhancement of desired signals
Public Profile:
Zeger-Abrams Inc (ZA) is developing and applying advanced signal processing techniques, with emphasis on the simultaneous suppression of cosite and cochannel interfering signals and the enhancement of desired signals. ZA has direct experience in many areas including: Interference Cancellation, Frequency Hopping Adaptive Interference Canceler (HAIC), Low Elevation Antenna Nuller (LEAN), Anti MultiPath System (AMPS) and Power Amplifier Linearization (PA LIN). The firm employs an engineering staff experienced in system and circuit design, computer simulation and programming, and prototype development and testing. ZA is proficient in all phases of electronic engineering and computer science, from research and development to production and installation.

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 Most Recent SBIR Projects
Year Phase Agency Dollars Project Title
Consolidated Apertures with Co-site Interference Reduction in the Frequency Range 2 to 30 MHz
An Asynchronous SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System) Frequency Hopping Notch Filter Based on Canceller Technology
Wideband Jammer Dynamic Frequency Notch Filter for Interference Reduction
Multiple Channel SINCGARS Multiplexer
Co-site Interference Mitigation for VHF/UHF Communications