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Udelv Inc
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Business Identifier: Deliveries: first large scale application of autonomous vehicles.
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Location Information

1826 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
   (217) 419-3665
Location: Single
Congr. District: 14
County: San Mateo

Public Profile

Udelv Inc is a turn-key driverless delivery system engineered from the ground up directly to address the growing problems of a shortage of drivers and electrification: use of autonomous vehicles. Less than ay ear after Udelv Inc was founded, the firm created the world’s first public road autonomous delivery vehicle with a system of fixed lockers on the flat bed of a modified golf cart. Focused around clients based in the San Francisco Bay Area ... and 1,500 deliveries later - the Udelv team realized that this first generation didn’t work! Too slow; range too short and fixed lockers couldn't handle size and shape of products to be delivered. During 2019-20, the more effective system was first smart cargo container system for multi-stop autonomous delivery vehicles, henceforth called the uPod™. The uPod™, experimented over 20,000 deliveries on a light duty commercial vehicle chassis during the course of 2019 and 2020, features a dynamic shelving cargo space to accommodate various dimensions of packages from small envelopes to 65” TVs and an IRIS™ aperture mechanism to form a variable opening revealing only the goods destined to a particular recipient. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Udelv discontinued its second generation vehicle experimentations to focus on the design and creation of the Transporter, which is the ultimate form that Udelv’s cab-less delivery vehicles are slated to take. Udelv’s Transporter was designed to solve two of the greatest challenges of modern commercial fleets: A growing shortage of drivers and electrification Udelv Timeline 2024 Transporter C-Sample and Start of Production First Transporter production deliveries started 2023 Transporter B-Sample First transporter pilots 2022 Transporter A-Sample First prototype is completed and beta testing begins 2021 The Transporter Udelv partners with Intel’s Mobileye Drive to create the Transporter 2020 Further Delivery Pilots Piloted auto ports deliveries in Texas 2019 Generation 2 Refined with proprietary dynamic cargo robotics, piloted grocery deliveries in Arizona 2018 Generation 1 Initial concept is launched and first ever autonomous delivery is made on public road 2017 Udelv Founded Udelv started work on the world’s first public road autonomou

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Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2022 1 AF $49,621
Project Title: Reinventing on-base Logistics
2022 2 AF $799,371
Project Title: Udelv: Mobile Automation for the Base of the Future
2021 1 AF $49,621
Project Title: Automation to sustain the Flight Line of the Future

Key People / Management

  Daniel Laury -- CEO

  Armen Gasanyan -- EVP Delivery Operations

  James Goin -- Director, Vehicle Robotics

  Ritesh Mehta -- VP, Vehicle Programs

  Akshat Patel -- CTO

  Victor Santini -- Director, Mechanical Engineering

  Victoreering Santini -- Director, Mechanical Engineering

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