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Ryzing Technologies LLC
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Business Identifier: Use of engineered textiles in non-traditional contexts
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Location Information

162A Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA 24401
   (540) 294-2928
Location: Single
Congr. District: 06
County: Staunton city

Public Profile

Ryzing Technologies is a design and fabrication firm focused on enabling the use of engineered textiles in non-traditional contexts. With project applications and products including Inflatable Structures, Tensile Membrane Structures, Specialized Tents categories, the firm offers the engineering and prototyping service to have other companies looking to benefit from the use of engineered textiles in their facilities, projects, events, and architectural designs. For the US Army Natick (MA) Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Ryzing is continuing development of an adjustable, reusable platform for expeditionary military shelters. The current US Army basecamp provider deploy their 150-man basecamp in less than four hours. However, the shelters are typically deployed on wooden decks that take days to deploy, require special crews of engineers and carpenters and must be disposed of after the base camp is moved. Although the platforms are inexpensive, speedy deployment and dismatntlement can be critical. Work is now underway at Ryzing to develop a platform system that can be deployed in hours by soldiers and also can be packaged for redeployment with the basecamp several times: less costly; reducing response time; minimizing transportation burden; reducing amount of waste produced. This product could also serve military hospitals, command and control units and the basecamps of other military branches along with several commercial applications. Ryzing has also been a part of the development of a deployable hull system for amphibious armored vehicles for the department of the Navy, consulting on structural analysis of air-supported domes and development of soft, inflatable robotic technologies. The goal for the inflatable robot technologies - partially funded by the State of Virginia; CIT- is to have an articulating, robotic structure that can safely work alongside humans in medical, industrial and military applications and has been successfully demonstrated with a series of prototypes.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2020 1 Navy $149,966
Project Title: Adaptable Braided Inflatable Structures for Seamless Sensor Integration (ABISSI)
2020 1 NASA $124,960
Project Title: Articulating Airbeam Tripod Boom for Solar Arrays
2019 1 AF $149,607
Project Title: Nonmixing, Rapid-escape Airlock
2018 2 Army $1,099,529
Project Title: Adjustable Reusable Platform for Expeditionary Military Shelters
2017 1 Navy $79,429
Project Title: Adaptive Hull Structure

Key People / Management

  Ryan Gundling -- CEO and Founder

  Val Gundling