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Raindrop Geomagic Inc (AKA: Geomagic Inc)
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Business Identifier: Simplifification of digital shape sampling and processing
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Location Information

Po Box 12219
Research Triangle Pk, NC 27709
   (919) 474-0122
Location: Single
Congr. District: 04
County: Durham

Public Profile

Raindrop Geomagic simplifies digital shape sampling and processing (DSSP), enabling customers to accelerate their design-build cycles and ensure quality at every step. Combined with new 3D scanning hardware, Geomagic software quickly and easily captures 3D geometry of shapes and forms with accuracy and speed not possible with traditional design software. The firm’s technology delivers digital convergence that unites physical and digital worlds, freeform and mechanical shapes, and discrete and continuous mathematics. Digital convergence promises major changes in the manufacturing world: * Medical devices such as hearing aids, dental appliances and artificial knees can be custom-fit to the individual. * Designers can capture classic products and rework them in many styles, shapes and colors. * Product manufacturers can differentiate their offerings through design and customization. * As-built physical parts can be compared to as-designed digital counterparts to ensure quality and accuracy. * Digital realizations of physical parts can be used to ensure accuracy of engineering analyses in the automotive, aerospace and consumer product industries. * Digital inventories can be made of legacy parts without CAD data. Formerly located in IL, Raindrop Geomagic has headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C., subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, and distributors worldwide

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2008 2 NSF $1,125,444
Project Title: Applications of Morse Theory in Reverse Engineering
2007 1 NIH $100,000
Project Title: Digital shape reconstruction and manufacturing for dental restoration
2004 2 NSF $589,179
Project Title: Creating Functionally Decomposed Surface Models from Measured Data
2003 1 NSF $100,000
Project Title: Slippability Analysis for Scan Registration and Feature Fitting
1999 2 NSF $496,846
Project Title: Automatic Creation of NURBS Patches From Triangulated Surfaces

Key People / Management

  Ping Fu -- President

  Gerrie Dean -- Director of Finance and Administration

  Herbert Edelsbrunner -- Co-founder and Director

  Michael A Facello

  John Fjeld -- Former President/CEO

  G Y Fletcher

  Tobias Gloth

  Jim Johnson

  Linda Lokay -- Director of Engineering

  Peter Scott -- Vice President of Engineering

  Andrew J Stein -- Vice President of Marketing, Product and Business Development

  Tams Vrady -- Chief Technology Advisor

  Lazhu Wang

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