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L-Nutra Inc
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3975 Landmark Steet #500
Culver City, CA 90232
   (323) 580-6855
Location: Single
Congr. District: 37
County: Los Angeles

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L-Nutra Inc. has developed and is clinically testing a line of products to delay aging, and promote healthspan. These products activate remarkable repair and protection processes that are present but remain inactive in the human body. They exploit the ability of fasting to trigger these inactive repair and protection programs and combine it with a sophisticated formulation of natural nutrients with the ability to provide nourishment and allow subjects to enjoy a combination of good and mostly organically grown and plant-based food. These products are called "Fasting Mimicking & Enhancing™ Diets ("FMEDs™") since they mimic fasting but allow the consumption of a restricted but relatively normal diet. L-Nutra scientists view each component of food as a molecule able to trigger different cellular and systemic responses. L-Nutra's initial product, ProLon™, is a proprietary FMED™ designed to optimize weight, promote fat loss while protecting lean body mass and reduce the risk of a variety of risk factors or markers for aging and mortality. L-Nutra products focus on aging and regeneration instead of the approach taken by most pharmaceutical and biotech companies which focuses on fighting a specific condition or disease after it develop. The second product, Chemolieve™, is a proprietary line of medical food based on pre-clinical and human studies indicating that certain dietary formulations reduce multiple side effects of chemotherapy without interfering with the efficacy of chemotherapy. A similar product is also being tested for its effect on the reduction of cancer growth with or without chemotherapy. However, this products will require multiple clinical trials with positive outcomes and FDA approval before it can be prescribed for cancer treatment. In animal studies Chemolieve has been shown to be as effective as certain chemotherapy drugs in the treatment of several cancers and to also lead to disease free survival in cancers against which neither the diet or chemotherapy alone are effective. To validate the efficacy of these FMEDs™, L-Nutra has commenced clinical trials on ProLon™ and Chemolieve™ at the USC's Norris Cancer Center and School of Gerontology, UCLA, the Mayo Clinic, and other national and internationally recognized medical research centers. These studies are funded in part by grants from the National Cancer Institute and leading foundations for cancer research. After completion of these clinical trials, L-Nutra will market and sell its FMEDs™ throughout the world. L-Nutra is developing a number of additional FMEDs™ focused on the prevention and/or treatment of a number of other diseases. The purpose of the clinical trials to test FMEDs™ will be to validate medical claims and obtain FDA approval for the treatment and p

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