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Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc
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Business Identifier: Chemogenomics, chemoinformatics
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325 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043
   (650) 567-5500
Location: Single
Congr. District: 18
County: Santa Clara

Public Profile

In 998, to extend its microbial genomics capability, publicly traded Microcide formed a separate genetics company, Iconix Pharmaceuticals, Using a toxicogenomics database of microarray and pharmacology data (DrugMatrix®) with the informatics expertise and computer skills required to mine and interpret this vast body of information, Iconix’s chemogenomic capabilities enable pharmaceutical companies to increase the odds of advancing the right compounds to the clinic, reducing attrition rates and the costs of drug discovery. Iconix Pharmaceuticals is among the first of its kind: a multi-disciplinary company that integrates the laboratory skills and knowledge necessary for the creation of the world’s largest chemogenomics database of microarray and pharmacology data with the informatics expertise and computer skills required to mine and interpret this vast body of information.Iconix had focused these technologies on a line of chemogenomics products, services, and long-term collaborations. DrugMatrix® provides drug designers with a uniform source of chemogenomic information, analytical tools and data mining algorithms to optimize drug candidates and predict their potential efficacy and toxicity before they advance to expensive preclinical and clinical development studies. Iconix will commercialize DrugMatrix through non-exclusive subscriptions sold to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Based on the data in DrugMatrix, Iconix has mined out a library of Drug Signatures™, genomic patterns that are predictive of specific forms of toxicity and mechanisms of action. Iconix provides Pharmotif™ Reports on specific customer compounds to chemogenomically classify them and help prioritize and select the best leads for advancement at all stages of discovery. Iconix will also enter exclusive alliances with its research collaborators to apply its chemogenomics data and know how to customized drug discovery and development projects. Iconix’s therapeutic product programs are directed at new and important targets identified in genomic studies. The company employs DrugMatrix and Drug Signatures to prioritize its drug therapeutic candidates for further study. In August 2007, firm was acquired by Entelos - a firm developing computer models of disease intended to assist in the identification of drug candidates and early analysis of their effectiveness. Iconix had been focused on building “toxicogenomic” reference information, which details the genetic profiles that are most likely to lead to toxic side effects when a particular drug is used. It was suggested that he combination will create a new paradigm for discovering and developing drugs by making it possible to also predict whether certain drug candidates may cause tox

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2004 1 NIH $97,654
Project Title: Development of in vitro toxicity expression assays

Key People / Management

  Jim Neal -- Chief Executive Officer

  Susanne Baumhueter

  Richard Cording

  Alan Engelberg -- Vice President of Marketing

  Donald N Halbert -- Executive Vice President of Research and Development

  Alan H Roter -- Vice President of Informatics

  Cate Sabatini -- Executive Vice President of Business Development