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FlatCam LLC
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Business Identifier: Ultra-compact, cost-effective, lightweight imaging systems
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5214 La Branch Street
Houston, TX 77004
   (904) 554-4138
Location: Single
Congr. District: 18
County: Harris

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Increasingly integrated into many facets of personal and professional lives - from entertainment to health to industry - current camera designs are limited in size, cost, and weight, impeding the development of emerging applications. Tackling the specific applications required for ceratin uses - Internet of Things (size and cost), microscopy and endoscopy (size); imaging for miniature drones (size and weight) - FlatCam devices are designed to overcome these limitations. The underlying technology allows for ultracompact, lightweight, inexpensive cameras that can be used to replace bulkier cameras or include cameras where unfeasible before. The FlatCam approach is to by-pass collection of direct images, by optically encodes data that is then computationally deciphered using proprietary algorithms: a capability that could have broad privacy protection applications, such an anonymizing people in public spaces. The FlatCam system enables new imaging capabilities in areas previously unreachable, enhancing user experience and providing new data for IoT applications. With traditional camera modules reaching the limits of miniaturization due to strict physical requirements of focal distance between lenses and accompanying imaging sensors, Flatcam's approach of replacing lensed cameras with its advanced, lensless imaging platform has the potential to transform how and where cameras can be used. To make a very thin, lightweight camera, bulky lenses are replaced with a specially designed, thin mask placed just above an imaging sensor. This specially designed mask, in conjunction with optimized algorithm, allows the reconstruction of images with anultra-compact device that is called "FlatCam"

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  Jesse K Adams -- CEO

  Rich Baraniuk -- Engineering Professor Rice University

  Jacob T Robinson -- Assistant Professor Rice University

  Ashok Veeraraghavan -- Associate Professor Rice University