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Ablaze Systems LLC
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2488 Carpenter Hill Rd
Bennington, VT 05201
   (484) 557-6590
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 00
County: Bennington

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With faciliites in PA, the technical center for this SBIR project undertaken by Ablaze is in Vermont. ABLAZE SYSTEMS, LLC has highly-experienced engineers successfully having brought to fruition commercial projects involving: * Electronic and Mechatronic Systems * Embedded Control * Software * Sensors * Integrated Circuit Design * Wireless * Miniaturization ABLAZE is currently developing two products: 900 MHz agile-frequency low-power RF module - Measuring 0.7 x 0.7 inches, this through-hole module is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the discontinued EWD900 module from Radiotronix. Based on the TI/Chipcon CC1000 intergrated circuit, this module covers the public-domain 902-928 MHz frequency range (and also the UK 860 Mhz range), with a maximum transmit power of about 5 dB. Drivers (in 'C') available. Inexpensive Industrial and Home Control System - Industrial control systems are expensive to purchase and to maintain, and are often inflexible with respect to integrating devices outside the purview of the manufacturer. Often the most costly component of such systems is the need for frequent visits by experienced field technicians to reprogram, debug or tune the software. ABLAZE sees a burning need for technology that: * Easily integrates existing (and upcoming) devices * Has an easy-to-use, intuitive, non-programming user interface * Flexibly combines multiple sources of inputs to control actuation * Integrates control, security, HVAC, and many other functions * Integrates PDA (personal digital assistant) functions One of the many strengths of such as system is that fiunctionalities can easily be implemented that are impossible with standard technologies, such as running air conditioning to control humidity rather than temperature, setting up your heater to conserve energy by reducing temperature slightly on very cold days, or running the sprinkler only when it has not rained for a week. Furthermore, redundancies inherent in separate systems are avoided, such as combining answering machine and automatic security-system phone calls. Instead of reinventing the wheel, our approach is to build bridges to existing (and upcoming) technologies by implementing hardware interfaces that adhere to common standards (e.g. bluetooth, RS232, RS485, SPI, IIC, X10, telephone), and using software that can be flexibly reconfigured to communicate with devices using these interface standards. Most importantly, the system will have an intuitive interface that requires no programming skill for many common functionalities. A library of web-based modules will be available from ABLAZE and others that guide the user through decision points. One click can download and integrate new functionalities with the system. Of course, programmers will be able to access lower code levels for maximal flexibility.

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2009 1 DARPA $99,000
Project Title: Tactical Telehaptic Communication (HAPTAC)

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  E Dougherty

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