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7 Hills Pharma LLC
Profile last edited on: 9/21/2022      CAGE: 78U51      UEI: CJJ6DE7APKY6

Business Identifier: Novel immunotherapies to improve treatment of drug resistant cancers and prevention of infectious diseases
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2450 Holcombe Boulevard Suite J
Houston, TX 77021
   (346) 772-0374
Location: Single
Congr. District: 18
County: Harris

Public Profile

Currently having a presence in JLabs Houston, 7 Hills Pharma LLC is an immuno-oncology company focused on developing drugs for drug resistant cancers. Despite improving cure rates in rare cancers, the promise of immunotherapy and cell therapy is yet to be realized for solid tumors such as lung, colon, and other cancers. 7 Hills is developing cost-effective technologies that modulate the immune system with the objective of increasing the effectiveness of immune checkpoint blockade, doptive cell therapy, and cord blood transplant to treat solid tumors and orphan genetic diseases. A key factor limiting the success of immuno-oncology therapy and adoptive cell therapy is the relatively low number of tumor specific T cells that physically enter a solid tumor. Tumors secrete agents that suppress the immune response and can actively alter their cell surface to prevent specific T cells from binding them and killing them. 7HP compounds are designed to overcome the ability of a tumor to evade the immune response by imparting on tumor specific T cells the capability to localize to, and efficiently kill, tumor cells. Cord Blood Program Cord blood stem cell transplant is potentially curative for a variety of hematologic cancers and genetic diseases. However, the low number of stem cells in cord blood preparations limits their use primarily to pediatric patients, and can result in an increased risk of opportunistic infections, increased hospital costs, and high graft failure rates. 7HP compounds are designed to act as “cellular glue,” promoting cord blood stem cell adhesion and engraftment into the bone marrow resulting in improved patient outcomes.

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Key People / Management

  Upendra K Marathi -- Founder, President and CEO

  Joseph Bailes -- Advisor & ManageJoseph Bailes, MD, Advisor & Manage

  Richard Dixon -- Co-Founder & Manager

  Lionel Lewis -- Chief Medical Officer

  Jason Luke -- Advisor

  Peter Vanderslice -- Advisor & Collaborator, co-founder

  Daniel D Von Hoff -- Advisor & Collaborator

  Robert Williams -- Media Contact

  Darren G Woodside -- Advisor & Collaborator