Drying Flowers above 2000 Ft Altitude
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James Ruhlman

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La Casita De Adriana (AKA: James L Ruhlman)

PO Box 2224
Guyama, PR 00785
   (787) 866-1318
Location: Single
Congr. District: 00
County: Guayama

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A portion of flower harvest in Puerto Rico is lost due to overproduction, weather or economic conditions. This project seeks to preserve potentially lost harvest by successfuly drying fresh flowers. OBJECTIVES: This project will determine the feasibility of drying surplus tropical flowers produced at higher elevations in Puerto Rico in order to provide a value-added product that can be sold out-of-season and thereby increase the income for the small farmers who grow flowers. A survey of the commercial market in the USA will further aid and encourage the Puerto Rican farmer to utilize the drying technology. APPROACH: In order to convert fresh flowers that cannot be sold into a dried flower product; a known process of drying fruit at sea level will be duplicated, transported and then utilized in the 2000 ft altitude. It is anticipated that modifications will be necessary to adapt to cloud inversions, lower ambient temperatures, lower barometric pressures, wind, valley and vegetation variables that exist in the higher altitudes of Puerto Rico. Recordable monitors of wet bulb, dry bulb, altitude, relative humidity, dew point have been requested in the budget. In the event a bacteria count is deemed necessary the University of Puerto Rico(UPRM)have the facilities. A USDA facility In Puerto Rico has been identified as having a laboratory moisture apparatus to measure water activity(Aw)in the event it may be required. A marketing survey agency has been identified that is willing to perform a market survey of the finished dried flower product as it applies to the USA using Florida as a specific

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