SBIR (RAPID):Process Development to Restore Osorb Swelling Glass Fouled While Recovering Gulf Oil-Water Mixtures
Award last edited on: 2/7/2014

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Paul Edmiston

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ABSMaterials Inc (AKA: AMC~Absorbent Materials Company LLC~ABS Materials Inc)

1909 Old Mansfield Road
Wooster, OH 44691
   (330) 234-7999
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 07
County: Wayne

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This RAPID proposal will perform urgent research and development to adapt the use of Osorb, an organophilic swellable glass, for remediation of crude oil contamination in the Guld of Mexico. The proposer is already developing advanced water purification systems designed around the unique properties of the nano-engineered Osorb material. Prior to the Deepwater Horizon accident, we were actively working on systems to use Osorb to purify water produced in oil extraction and recovery with partnering oil and gas companies. The waters to be treated included produced water and frac fluids. We are now being tasked commercially to re-engineer our systems to handle ocean water contaminated with crude oil from the gulf. Preliminary testing has identified a key series of challenges that need to be addressed on our research and development side which center about developing methods to rapidly restore the Osorb in modified produced water treatments systems to handle heavy weathered petroleum inputs. The strategy to solve the regeneration problem will start at the bench level and has the potential to rapidly progress to full scale engineering designs, based on leveraging the NSF funding. The intent is to complete the project in 45 days. The broader impact of this work will be to provide a new process and material system for remediation of crude oil contamination in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere. The Osorb material has the potential to solve a key challenge in the clean-up process (removal and disposal of certain emulsions) and therefore to greatly enhance and accelerate the clean-up effort. It also has the potential for large societal and economic benefits beyond the current crisis

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