Coupled High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Instrumentation for the Characterization of Polymers
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James L Dwyer

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Lab Connections Inc

2011A Lamar Drive
Round Rock, TX 78664
   (512) 218-0141
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This project develops hyphenated LC-IR technology that provides a marked advance over conventional chromatography/IR spectroscopy analytic methods. The apparatus is coupled with a computer software package that aids in the analysis of the complex data sets. As part of this project, the apparatus and software are being applied to the characterization of polymer samples that demonstrate the capability and utility of this technology. The research plan is divided into three parts: development of hardware, testing of software with standard polymers, and separation of a copolymer mixture using the integrated system. The first two goals of the program are concerned with the completion of product prototypes.The work plan for these goals is accordingly structured as a task-oriented product development project. The ability to obtain discrete infrared spectra from chromatographically resolved samples is of great value to the polymer chemist. The combined capability of the hardware/software represents a quantum advance in capability for polymer characterization, with resultant optimization of polymer syntheses and formulation.Commercial Applications:The technology is applicable to virtually all classes of polymers; and can be used for applications including fundamental characterization, product deformation, additives identification, product stability and aging, and optimization of formulations.

Phase II

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This Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project will significantly improve hyphenated Liquid Chromatography/Infrared (LC/IR) Spectroscopy technology for use in polymer characterization. This methodology provides a marked advance over conventional chromatography/IR spectroscopic analytic methods. Phase I research successfully developed a prototype for a wide variety of polymer applications. The Phase II research plan is divided into four parts: (1) define limits of the system, including quantitative analysis, and examination of artifacts; (2) expand the list of applications: test additional copolymer systems, as well as blends and alloys; (3) modify system design to provide automated multi-sample analysis; and (4) develop 3D/IR software to link with commercial chromatography software packages, and to provide additional modes of data analysis. The combined capacity of the hardware/software represents a quantum advance in capability for polymer characterization. The results of this study will expand the commercial market to polymer scientists working on a wide range of applications from research to manufacturing and quality control.