The measurement of lineal, rotational mechanical admittance
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Alan O Sykes

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Acoustical Research and Applications

304 Mashie Drive Se
Vienna, VA 22180
   (703) 938-2371
Location: Single
Congr. District: 11
County: Fairfax

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Contract Number: 8360408
Start Date: 2/1/1984    Completed: 7/31/1984
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Application of multi-terminal network theory to vibration probiems requires knowledge of the point and point-to-point mechani@cal admittance matrices at the mechanical terminals of the structures to be connected together. The admittance matrices contain elements relating lineal motions and forces (lineal admittances), lineal motions and moments (lineal/rotational admittances), rotational motions and forces (rotational/lineal admittances), rotational motions and moments (rotational admittances). Currently commercial apparatus is available for measuring only lineal admittance. The work proposed under this project, if successful, will provide transducers and associated electronic equipment for obtaining all of the elements of the admittance matrices.The potential commercial application as described by the awardee: Research can be applied by automotive, aircraft, space, shipbuilding, and rail industries; governmental and industrial laboratories; manufacturers of rotating machines (turbines, generators, etc.) and internal combustion engines; and noise control engineering firms. Acoustical Research and Applications is a small R&D firm specializing in theoretical analysis of vibration problems and in electro-acoustic transducer development.

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