Link phenotypic characteristics with gene expression profile of single cells at high throughput for drug discovery and cell therapy development
Award last edited on: 4/18/2023

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Yuchao Chen

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Wellsim Biomedical Technologies Inc

200 Lincoln Centre Drive
Foster City, CA 94404
   (814) 777-8586
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County: San Mateo

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Contract Number: 1R43HG012528-01
Start Date: 8/15/2022    Completed: 8/14/2023
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Researchers have shown substantial interest in the integration of phenomics and transcriptomics data for novel biological insights since phenotypic characteristics are highly correlated with gene expression patterns. However, there is a lack of an efficient approach that could link gene expression profiles to cellular phenotypes (e.g., protein abundance and localization, cellular morphology, enzymatic and metabolic activity) at single-cell level in a high-throughput manner. To bridge this gap, WellSIM proposes to develop a platform which can extractphenotypic characteristics from thousands of individual cells via high-content imaging and link these features with their transcriptomic profiles. This technology will not only achieve multi-dimensional single cell studies, but also improve the performance of single-cell RNA sequencing through automatic sample preparation on amicrofluidic device without using barcoded beads.

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Understanding how gene expression patterns and morphological phenotypes are related at the single-cell level has been difficult because of the lack of techniques for high-throughput multimodal profiling of individual cells. Our proposed technique could address the unmet needs in single-cell studies by massively parallel processing thousands of individual cells in one device, which will address the challenges in the collection of rich data for integrative single-cell phenomics and transcriptomics. This technology can accelerate the progress in multiple fields, including drug and antibody discovery, cell line and cell therapy development, identification of cell phenotype and rare cells, as well as synthetic biology.

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