Improved ultrafilters for bioprocessing
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Kenneth Abel

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Abel Company

Box 267 State Road 774 Route 1
Pembroke, VA 24136
   (540) 626-3037
Location: Single
Congr. District: 09
County: Giles

Phase I

Contract Number: 1R43GM049627-01
Start Date: 5/1/1993    Completed: 10/31/1993
Phase I year
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Efficient separation and purification of bioproducts on a commercial scale are controlling steps in the bioprocessing of high value-added products such as therapeutics in human health care. This project will examine the feasibility of achieving significant improvement in downstream processing through-put by the use of flow-induced vortices to reduce or eliminate the effect of concentration polarization and fouling of the membrane surface in ultrafiltration applications.Awardee's statement of the potential commercial applications of the research: The principal application of this research is for product separation and concentration in developing biotechnology processing. Although aimed primarily at applications which involve the processing of labile biological cells and proteins, the concept has broad potential application throughout the ultrafiltration industry.National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

Phase II

Contract Number: 2R44GM049627-02
Start Date: 5/1/1993    Completed: 8/1/1994
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 1995)
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This research will develop a economically justifiable systems for crossflow micro- and ultrafiltration that reduce or eliminate the effects of concentration and gel polarization on permeate flux thereby increasing the efficiency.The objects required to achieve this aim are1) evaluate and compare the relative benefits and disadvantages of pulsed flow and reversing pulsed flow in various crossflow channel configurations in order to provide effective design scaling data,2) perform a careful, detailed economic analysis that will compare the performance benefits versus anticipated increases or decreases in construction and maintenance costs for selected applications, and3) based on data and decisions resulting from the first and second objectives, design and build a demonstration system for independent evaluation.This evaluation will be conducted at the Virginia Center for Biotechnology located on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic and State University and one or both of the two local biotechnology companies that will be advising and collaborating on this Phase II effort.Awardee's statement of the potential commercial applieations of the research:This technology has broad application in both biotechnology and in industrial membrane separation processes. It has the potential of significantly improving process efficiencies, prolonging membrane life, and reducing overall operational costs.National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)