3-inch SONAR Countermeasure
Award last edited on: 2/9/2023

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DOD : Navy
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Principal Investigator
Adam J Blanchard

Company Information

Image Acoustics Inc

40 Willard Street Suite 201
Quincy, MA 02169
   (781) 383-2002
Location: Single
Congr. District: 08
County: Norfolk

Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-19-C-0483
Start Date: 6/6/2019    Completed: 9/16/2020
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
Image Acoustics will work with their subcontractor to design and prototype a 3-inch countermeasure system which uses two transducers. The proposed low frequency 3-inch diameter transducer achieves the desired response that previously required a 6-inch diameter transducer. The design of this 3-inch transducer originally used single crystal piezoelectric material, but with advancements in textured ceramics and design modifications of the shell, it should be possible to achieve desired performance goals with the lower cost textured ceramic. A newer alternative design of the higher frequency transducer is also presented.

Successful completion of this design will allow internal launch of the device, increase loading simplicity, reduce installation time and cost. Commercial and other launched sonar type vessels could benefit from further development of this transducer and textured ceramic drive, allowing smaller diameter vessels.

Detection and Tracking, Detection and Tracking, Internal Countermeasure Launcher, External Countermeasure Launcher, Acoustic Countermeasure, Anti-Submarine Warfare

Phase II

Contract Number: N68335-20-C-0956
Start Date: 9/17/2020    Completed: 9/18/2023
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
The proposed low frequency 3-inch diameter transducer achieves the desired response that previously required a 6-inch diameter transducer. We will fabricate and test the optimized transducer designs with single crystal and textured ceramic drive material. A Trioid design will be used in CH1 and an LCAT design will be used in CH2. Our team will perform trade-off studies to determine the best path forward for Phase II. The trade-offs will include source level versus endurance, cost and risk. A possible outcome of the trade-off studies is a mix of textured ceramic and single crystal transducer designs. The system will be tested with magnetics, power amplifier and signal generator, and will be driven with signal types used in actual fleet operation. During the Phase II Option, we will optimize the design, and build and test additional prototypes. The testing may include launches from Ultras portable launcher as well as NUWCs launch facility.

The successful completion of Phase II will demonstrate the feasibility of an affordable 3-inch diameter ADC MK4 that can be internally launched from the SSE. Benefits of an internally launched sonar countermeasure include: reduced lifecycle cost; greater service life; easier internal loading and storage; increased flexibility of load-out quantities; and the opportunity to use the limited number of external launch tubes for other capabilities. Additionally, successful completion of this program could lead the way for use of textured ceramic in other transducers in the Navys fleet and provide improved performance with transducer, such as the Trioid and LCAT designs.

Acoustic Countermeasure, Internal Countermeasure Launcher, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Detection and Tracking, Wideband Response., External Countermeasure Launcher, Trioid and LCAT transducers, textured ceramic