Wideband Acoustic Signature Capability for Next Generation Mobile Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Training Target
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DOD : Navy
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John L Butler

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Image Acoustics Inc

40 Willard Street Suite 201
Quincy, MA 02169
   (781) 383-2002
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Congr. District: 08
County: Norfolk

Phase I

Contract Number: N00024-15-P-4549
Start Date: 7/15/2015    Completed: 10/27/2016
Phase I year
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This SBIR Phase I Proposal addresses the need for Next Generation Targets. The present EMATT diameter is 4.875 inches and with its current conventional cylindrical transducer is limited in attaining desired levels at lower frequencies. The objective of the Phase I SBIR program is to define and develop concepts for a candidate wide band transducer system that provides the acoustic response over the low frequency and sonar band spectrum and a design that fits within a threshold maximum diameter of 12.75 inches by proposing a six inch diameter design and the possibility of a low frequency design which fits into a 4.875 inch diameter vehicle. We propose to bridge the low frequency acoustic performance gap between the current A-sized EMATT ASW target and the MK30 performance. The major challenge is to produce the acoustic performance in the low frequency range within a small diameter ASW target. Image Acoustics is proposing an advanced transducer that would provide wideband acoustic performance for the next generation small diameter expendable mobile training targets.

The completion of Phase I will result in an FEA modeling program that substantiates a wide band lower frequency design that should perform well in the new ASW Target design. The successful completion of a Phase II will result in a new wider band lower frequency low cost effective transducer than currently available and yield a transducer that could also be used with AUV or UUV systems.

,, Mk 30 Target, wide band underwater transducer. , compact low frequency underwater transducer, Broadband Active Sonar, ASW training target

Phase II

Contract Number: N00024-16-C-4537
Start Date: 9/19/2016    Completed: 3/19/2019
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 2021)
Phase II Amount

Our Phase II technical objectives include modeling, designing, fabricating and testing 4.875 and 12.75 vehicle sized Trioid transducers and extending the low frequency operation of the current EMATT Mark 39 training vehicle. In addition to this, we plan to approach the operating band of a MK 30 but with a diameter at approximately one-half the MK 30. This will be accomplished through FEA modeling and optimization of our Trioid Model D which was evaluated during the Phase I program and shown to be a favorable design choice for this program. During the Phase II basic program the FEA designs would be finalized. In addition we would consider and evaluate means for achieving a greater source level and/or operating at a greater depth, if desired. After conversations with the TPOC and associated engineers, we would design, fabricate and test full-sized models alone and mounted in vehicles. Results of this development will be documented in progress and final reports.

Successful completion of this Phase II effort will results in a new wider band, lower frequency, low cost transducer than currently available and yield transducers that could also be used with UUV systems.

Mk 39, wide band underwater transducer, Mk 30, Trioid transducer, low frequency underwater transducer, ASW training target