SIGINT Interfaces and Processing Infrastructure for Submarines
Award last edited on: 11/1/2018

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DOD : Navy
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Principal Investigator
David Graham

Company Information

Accipiter Systems Inc

12330 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090
Location: Single
Congr. District: 17
County: Allegheny

Phase I

Contract Number: N00024-12-P-4090
Start Date: 5/29/2012    Completed: 11/29/2012
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
To meet the Navys need for innovative transport interfaces, Accipiter Systems is proposing a unified passive optical core-based transport system able to provide connectivity over distances greater than 200 feet between the elements of an Electronic Warfare System (EWS), namely RF digitizing front end equipment, DSP/FPGA signal processing equipment, data processing equipment and storage at overall capacities in the multiple terabytes per second. The transport is based on photonic switching; information is switched based solely on the wavelength upon which the data stream is modulated. As a result, the transport is protocol transparent and therefore able to support multiple protocols simultaneously. Two main classes of protocols have been identified, those transporting raw digitized RF data and those transferring network data. In the latter case, the system is able to support any of the common protocols such as PCIe, 10/40/100 Gbps Ethernet, Fibre Channel, etc. The system core uses no power; the end systems use low power optical transmitters and receivers to reduce the overall energy demand in providing this connectivity. It is expected that this system will meet or exceed the target 40% reduction in SWaP in comparison with current EWS.

If the overall project is successful, Accipiter Systems will have demonstrated the key underlying technology from which a complete terabyte optical transport system that meets the SBIR topic requirements can be developed in a Phase III project. It will also have made a significant contribution to the development of key component technologies that will benefit the commercial potential of Photonic networking especially in data center fabrics, a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

AWGR, AWGR, wavelength routing, Electronic Warfare system elements transport system. Digitized RF transport, Terabyte per second Optical Networking, PCIe transport. Low SWaP, multicast

Phase II

Contract Number: N00024-14-C-4084
Start Date: 6/23/2014    Completed: 6/23/2016
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 2016)
Phase II Amount

This Phase II proposal describes a networking solution that addresses the requirements of next generation SIGINT systems that will be deployed on submarines. The system consists of a multi-protocol, multi-terabit fabric interconnect with reduced size, weight, and power compared to other currently available networking solutions. This system will allow interconnection of the next generation RF digitizers, processing engines, and storage arrays. The fabric interconnect will support both unicast and multicast transmissions, will be managed using software-defined networking (SDN) application programming interfaces (API), and will have in-system firmware and software upgradeability. The Phase II option proposal expands the networking solution to include a VPX-based interconnect interface card (IIC) to install directly into the RF digitizer chassis. This will enable the system to forward digitized RF data to one or more destinations, managed under software control. Combined, the Phase II and Phase II option development will represent the first step in implementing and validating a flexible and scalable multi-protocol multi-terabit fabric for submarine SIGINT and EW systems. Future developments will allow the interconnect fabric to grow to tens of terabits per second, along with additional IICs of varying protocols and form-factors, all without end-system software modification.

Pci Express, Pci Express, Reduced Swap, Interconnect, Networking, Multi-Terabit Fabric