Advanced Anodes for Corrosion Control Systems for Complex Geometries
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DOD : Navy
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Ray F Stewart

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Bay Materials LLC

48450 Lakeview Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538
   (650) 566-0800
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County: Alameda

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Contract Number: N00167-11-P-0427
Start Date: 8/12/2011    Completed: 2/12/2012
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Polymeric Nano-composite anode materials for use in impressed current cathodic protection systems will be developed using novel carbon composite materials that are capable of high current densities, exhibit increased chemical resistance and can be formed into varied custom shapes to simply installation and improve protection of naval vessels and offshore structures.

Conventional Anode materials are typically constructed of metal, are relatively heavy, and can be subject to damage. The nature of cathodic protection systems for of ship hulls requires periodic inspection, maintenance, and replacement of anodes by divers. Polymeric anode materials are light, relatively low cost compared with metal anodes, can be designed to be neutrally buoyant, and can be conveniently configured in complex geometries to address the various needs associated with effective current distribution.

Anodes, Anodes, Composite Materials, Smart materials, conformal materials, impressed current cathodic protection, nano-composites, cathodic protection, Conducting Polymers, ships

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