Very low structureborne noise unit enclosure for cots modules
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DOD : Navy
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David G Criswell

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A & J Manufacturing Company

14831 Franklin Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780
   (714) 544-9570
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Congr. District: 45
County: Orange

Phase I

Contract Number: N00024-97-C-4071
Start Date: 4/7/1997    Completed: 10/7/1997
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The developmental mission is to anaylze, model, design, develop an d test a working prototype of a very low structureborne noise unit enclosure for COTS modules. Structureborne and airborne noise attenuation have become leading edge technology refreshments lagging behind the Military's drive to utilize Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Equipment in the shipboard environment. While incorporating COTS equipment into shipboard qualified enclosures has been accomplished, the ma j or requirements yet to be satisfied are structureborne and airborne noise attenuation. A & J Manufacturing Company is teaming with BIEN Acoustic Technologies to solve this problem. The Phase I objective is to establish the feasibility of the technology by extensive laboratory testing and analytical modeling. A shipboard qualified equipment enclosure will be tested for its structureborne and airborne noise transmission characteristics. Further testing and analytical modeling will be conducted in order to ascertain the primary fan noise sources and transmission paths to the deci(. Following this analysis, conceptual active and advanced passive structureborne and I airborne noise control approaches will analyzed. Upon conclusion of the testing the optimum approach(s) will be proposed for detailed design and prototype testing in Phase II.

The benefits to the U.S. Submarine fleet are extensive. Incorporation of the latest CCTS technology in conjunction with advanced passive/active structureborne and airborne noise control approaches will allow for continuous technology refreshment at the lowest cost thus maintaining the U.S. Navy's supremacy in the technological warfare arena. Benefits to the commercial world are primarily in the office and laboratory/equipment room environments where excessive vibration and audible noise levels lead to worker fatigue, distraction and communication problems. Losses in communication and concentration lead to diminished performance which is proportionate to the length of time subjected to the environment.

active noise control passive noise control structureborne noise airborne noise innovative noise control analysis/testing shipboard qualified low cost COTS Enclosure

Phase II

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Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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