Novel Polyethers Doped with Nanoscale Insulating Oxides for Lithium Battery
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H V Venkatasetty

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H V Setty Enterprises Inc

12110 Red Oak Court South
Burnsville, MN 55337
   (612) 894-2792
Location: Single
Congr. District: 02
County: Dakota

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Novel polyethers doped with insulating oxides are used to prepare solid polymer electrolytes for high energy density lithium batteries. The electrolytes are characterized for conductivity and electrochemical stability. Prototype lithium-polymer cells with high voltage cathodes will be fabricated and feasibility demonstrated for rate capability and cyclability. POTENTIAL COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS (LIMIT 150 WORDS) Lithium-polymer solid state batteries with high energy density and power with low cost and enhanced safety have applications in consumer products. Some of these are Laptop computers, Cellular phones , Camcorders and Personnel Digital Assistants (PDAs). POTENTIAL NASA APPLICATIONS (LIMIT 150 WORDS) These advanced technology based batteries will find applications in LEO and GEO spacecraft operations. Achieving this with lithium-polymer batteries with long operating life and specific energy densities of > 100 Wh/kg is well within the range of feasibility.

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