Industrial-quality acceleration of MDAs missile defense simulation infrastructures A novel theory of optimal data compression inspired on the OSF
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Juan Guillermo Gonzalez

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Accelogic LLC

1633 Bonaventure Boulevard
Weston, FL 33326
   (954) 888-4711
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Contract Number: HQ0147-18-C-7211
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MDAs Objective-Simulation-Framework (OSF) is a crucial infrastructure for improving the nations BMDS. Albeit successful in enabling high-quality ground tests, OSFs distributed simulations are hampered by hefty data transmissions that could consume up to 50% of the time in a single run. To address this problem, and with the ultimate goal of substantially accelerating OSF transmissions, Accelogic proposes a revolutionary theory of LOSSLESS data-compression especially suited for time-varying resource-scarce environments such as OSFs. Instead of blindly adopting/improving existing data-compression algorithms, in this project we dig deep into the reasons that limit the impact of compression in OSF, and introduce a very robust technology for properly tackling them. Preliminary assessments show that this technology can provide 6x-60x compressions for a variety of messages in a real OSF operational environment (e.g.,Link-16,states-data). Accelogic has already demonstrated similar aspects of this technology, attaining 62x compressions for the acceleration of log message transmissions in cybersecurity applications. With a world-class multidisciplinary team and the collaboration of Teledyne-Brown-Engineering, Phase-I will render a fully functional prototype that demonstrates the potential of the technology for significantly reducing transmission times and storage requirements in the OSF. We have secured $200,000 in complementary funds for ensuring the deployment of this revolutionary technology.Approved for Public Release | 17-MDA-9395(24 Oct 17)

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