Direct-to-Preform Manufacturing of Lightweight Ceramics using the VARTM Composite Manufacturing Process for Advanced Hypersonic Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor Structures (Proposal No. PVSC04-043)
Award last edited on: 2/21/2007

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Peyton Hall

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V System Composites Inc

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The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is developing a Ballistic Missile Defense System including the current Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system to intercept threat reentry vehicles in their terminal stage of flight. Future MDA advanced hypersonic endo-atmospheric interceptors kill vehicles (KV) evolving from the current THAAD program will have longer range intercepts, higher velocities, longer flight times, and increased maneuvering capability. The associated severe aerothermal environment will require advanced thermal protection materials and high temperature structures for lightweight separable shrouds, midbody airframes, non-ablating forebody, and shape-stable aerodynamic deceleration and control surfaces. The common thermal protection and structures requirements are expected to include lightweight, high temperature capability, high strength and stiffness, and minimal surface ablation recession or mass loss. A program is proposed to develop and demonstrate lightweight ceramic composite structures using a combination of preceramic polymer, ceramic foam, and woven ceramic cloth fiber-reinforced materials technology of MATECH; a Direct-to-Preform manufacturing process using V System Composite's patent-pending HyPerVARTM composite manufacturing process; and Vanguard Composite Group's Integrated Heatshield and Structure (IH&S) design approach. The Phase I program will demonstrate feasibility of the lightweight ceramic composite structures. A Phase II program will develop and demonstrate the lightweight ceramic composite structures through design, fabrication, and structural test of full-scale test articles for high temperature hypersonic endo-atmospheric interceptor applications

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