Rocket Nozzle HfC Coatings and Structural Foams from Polymer Precursors
Award last edited on: 10/31/2012

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Clyde Wikle

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Weld Star Technology Inc (AKA: Weld Technology)

8204 Gondola Drive
Orlando, FL 32809
   (334) 887-3985
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Innovative manufacturing processes to fabricate non-eroding rocket nozzles are fundamental technologies that could revolutionize nearly all core missions of the Missile Defense Agency. Coatings to protect graphite and C-C composite materials from erosion have had limited success due to the high costs and inhomogenities in the structure and composition of the coatings produced using traditional plasma spray and chemical vapor deposition techniques. An innovative, low cost manufacturing process is proposed to produce HfC coatings and structural foam. A mixture of Hf and C containing polymer precursors are painted onto a graphite surface (C-C rocket nozzle for instance). The precursors after drying are then pyrolyzed at an intermediate temperature (1200-1400°C) forming a HfC coating. Coatings made by this process are uniform in composition, show no presence of hafnium oxides, have excellent adhesion, exhibit no cracking and have good thermal shock resistance. Alternately the Hf containing polymer can be mixed with a C containing polymer and cast into shape using a mold. Upon pyrolysis a HfC structural foam is produced. The objective of this Phase I proposal is to establish proof-in-principal that usable HfC coatings and foams may be produced using this innovative technique. Anticipated Benefits/Commercial Applications: This revolutionary manufacturing process would be used commercially to produce HfC coatings for the high temperature protection of automobile turbochargers/superchargers, electric power generation system steam turbines and valve sealing surfaces for chemical and high temperature processing applications.

Refractory metal, Polymer precursors, Coatings, HfC, Structural foam, Rocket nozzle, High Temperature, Valves

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