Electroluminescent Nanocrystal/Quantum Dot Based Phosphors
Award last edited on: 10/13/2005

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Douglas A George

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E-Lite Technologies Inc

2285 Reservoir Avenue
Trumbull, CT 06611
   (203) 371-2070
Location: Single
Congr. District: 04
County: Fairfield

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This proposal aims to develop quantum-dot based nanophosphors, using cladded and doped nanocrystals. These high-efficiency and fast response (nanoseconds) phosphors will be utilized in Phase II for the fabrication of full color, flexible, flat panel displays and illuminators, utilizing self-assembly techniques. Doped nanocrystals have demonstrated enhanced photolurninescence (e.g. quantum efficiency rlq>l8% for <35 A diarneter ZnS:Mn) and dramatic reduction in response time (few nanoseconds rather than milliseconds for bulk). The proposed research will not only enable the development of faster and brighter electroluminescent (EL) structures but will also reduce the operating voltage from 200 Volts to ~5-lOVolts. E-Lite Technologies produces and markets uniform, low cost/large area flexible plastic illuminators for applications ranging from "Indigo" type watch-faces, up to 27" wide and up to 750 ft. long E-Lume lamps (see Figure 1). In collaboration with the University of Connecticut team, we are developing improved EL products, such as low voltage (9-28Volts) transparent lamps and supramolecular self-assemblies to realize efficient device structures. The BMDO's support through this SBIR Phase-I initiative will enable us to develop quantum-dot based EL technology, which in turn will enable us to penetrate a wider illuminator market that also extends in low information content flexible pixelated displays.

Flexible Illuminators; Flexible Flat Panel Displays; High Efficiency Nanophosphors; Low-Voltage; Hig

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