Second gencration laboratory simulator for single event effects testing of microelectronics
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Charles A Wakeland

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Daniel H Valles & Associates

Valle160 Washington SE Suite 193
Albuquerque, NM 87108
   (505) 268-8853
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Contract Number: DNA001-92-C-0115
Start Date: 9/21/92    Completed: 4/21/93
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We propose to prove the scientific and technical feasibility to use electrostatic acceleration to boost the energy of CF-252 fission fragments as a laboratory simulation of Cosmic Ray Effects I microelectronics. The project objective is to boost the energy such that a large fraction of the accelerated ions have a range in silicon grater than 20 micrometers. This solves a number of problems associated with the current generation of laboratory simulators for single event effects testing. First, the ions will have a sufficient depth of penetration required for the certification of the single event hardness of the device under test. Second, use of nuclear instrumentation for particle identification will provide an accurate characterization of the device under test in terms of the particle Linear Energy Transfer (LET). A precise cross section versus LET curve can be obtained for single event rate estimation in the natural space radiation environment. Finally, the lower cost of performing single event characterizations will permit the certifiable tests to be performed at the microcircuit foundry. Routine lot acceptance tests will be affordable, permitting large scale testing of microelectronics of unspecified hardness. The cost of space qualification will be reduced thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the aerospace industry.

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