A System to Educate the Public¿s About the Nation¿s Highway Syste
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David Clark

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DaCar Inc

39 Flint Pond Drive
North Grafton, MA 01536
   (508) 471-4714
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County: Worcester

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Contract Number: DTRS57-01-C-10031
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Dissemination of information has proved a complex problem. However, with the advent of a global communication tool-the Internet-it now becomes feasible to provide information right into the home, business or educational institution. The key, is to provide the information in such a way that the public will want to look at it. In this proposal, we maintain that the public is interested in federal highway information that is relevant to their day-to-day experience. We therefore aim to develop a highly interactive web based system that will utilize a number of concepts: 1. Provision of local information (based on zip) 2. The ability to interact with the system by providing feedback to federal highway officials-this may take form of a questionnaire or a feedback form, that gives user feedback concerning the impact of their input. 3. Advanced Web paced simulations that will allow users to interact with a simulator and immediately “see” the impact of their ideas on the flow and safety of traffic. This idea provides concrete (rather than) tangible feedback. “Making learning fun” is a key concept for successful introduction of a Federal Highway information system into schools, homes, public libraries, or busi

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