Biosensors for aircraft smoke detection
Award last edited on: 3/13/2002

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Principal Investigator
Narayan Taneja

Company Information

UDT Sensors Inc

12525 Chadron Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250
   (310) 978-0516
Location: Single
Congr. District: 43
County: Los Angeles

Phase I

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UDT Sensors, Inc. proposes a novel eecnalque or monitoring and detecting low levels of various gaseous components of fire by mid infrared spectroscopy, in the region of 3 to 20 micron. The fire detector consists of a stable infrared source, and narrow band thermopile detectors tuned for gaseous by products of combustion, unique to aircraft fires. Such thermopile detectors are capable of identifying parts per million concentrations of carbon- monoxide, nitrous oxide and specific hydrocarbons like ARCH. By combining the detection of three to four gaseous components, the system mimics human nose. Conventional ultra sensitive infrared and ultraviolet flame detector can be added to this "Chemical Nose" to make this fire detector an effective early warning sys- tem. The Phase I research will identify the frequently occurring gaseous by-products of an aircraft fire. Research on quantita- tive measurement capabilities of specific hydrocarbons will be done. A prototype detector consisting of four detectors will be built and tested in a laboratory environment.

Anticipated Results:
We hope to demonstrate the feasibility of combined detection of fire specific gases and hydrocarbons by mid infrared spectroscopy, as an effective early warning fire tetection technique. The commercial potential for such early warning fire detectors is huge. Application specific detectors for confined spaces like trucks, Ships and warehouse can be built to expand the market.

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