Mobile Connect: a Cloud-based, Universally Designed Text Messaging and Email Program to Facilitate Social Connectedness and Community Inclusion for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
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Daniel K Davies

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AbleLink Technologies Inc

6745 Rangewood Drive Suite 210
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
   (719) 572-0347
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County: El Paso

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Efforts to increase independence and enhance quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) have been increasing throughout American society. As this population continues to make strides in achieving greater independence and access to the community, there is an increasing need for remote communication, e.g. I made it to work OK or I just took my medication. Smartphone-based technologies are already available to individuals without disabilities (e.g., iPhones, Android devices) but are often not accessible to individuals with ID due to requirements to read/compose text and their overall interface/navigation complexity. In this project, we will develop and evaluate the technical merit and feasibility of MOBILE CONNECT, a cognitively accessible text messaging and email program that will be universally designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with ID in community settings. Phase I will include system requirements research, prototype development, and a pilot study to evaluate the independent usability of the system for individuals with ID. Phase II will extend the field research to evaluate the system's ability to increase opportunities for community access for students and adults with intellectual disabilities, as well as individuals with autism and traumatic brain injuries.

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