A multimedia approach to teaching science to Spanish speaking Jr High students with limited English
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Verl Woodbury

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ICD Corporation

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This research project focuses on designing a program that applies modern principles and practices of TESL, bilingual education, and second language instruction to teaching Spanish-speaking Jr. High School LEP students science concepts in the context of an interactive multimedia environment. Subject content, pedagogical issues, and technological considerations are examined to determine the scope of the project and possible approaches to the problems, and finally to create a story board that delineates the integration of these different components into coordinated, interactive student and teaching models. The text, graphics, video, and audio materials defined in the story board are collected or produced, as need be. The final research report gives a full account of the project, presents the story board with accompanying multimedia materials, describes the system configuration and course content in detail, explains the instructional methodology and techniques, and proposes a plan for developing the product in Phase II.Key Words: CD-ROM, Multimedia, Hypertext, Call (Computer-assisted Language Learning), Language Teaching Methodology, Limited English-proficiency, TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), Optical Storage MediaTopic 7: Development of a Science Program for Limited English-Proficient Students in Jr. High Schools

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