Complex Network Analysis and Intelligent Monitoring Platform
Award last edited on: 12/5/2018

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Mechie Nkengla

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Data Products LLC

1000 North Lake Shore Drive Unit 803
Chicago, IL 60611
   (630) 709-7721
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As the world continues to rely more heavily on connectivity, it becomes more and more imperative that the networks that support the technical applications leverage intelligence to guide the network operations management- These networks and the applications that utilize them produce massive complex data that range from structured, unstructured, geo?spatial, images, real and historical to name a few- It is essential that the big complex data from network activity be processed and analyzed to extract tangible intelligence for optimization, protection and overall management of the underlying network- Data Products advocates an intelligent decision platform to address the challenges of managing networks which leverages complex data and advance machine learning methods- Our platform retrieves vast amount of available complex network data upon which machine learning techniques, network analytic algorithms, and other computational intelligence techniques can be applied to develop network tools and a network performance prediction tool in order to Types of complex data collected (as allowed by the enterprise network policy) will include usersÂ’ traffic logs, network management data, PerfSONAR type data, active and passive network management measurement data, real time and historic structured and unstructured data, geo data, images etc- from multitude of sources- The solution is network infrastructure agnostic and can be deployed on different network architectures that include multi?domain networks that represent a combination of cloud and physical networks-

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