Modeling Studies of CO2 Utilization Routes in Integrated Coal-to-Liquids Processes
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Richard Bauman

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Accelergy Corporation

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Although coal is an inexpensive and abundant domestic resource, its use as a source of transportation fuel is limited because most coal conversion processes have much larger greenhouse gas (GHG) footprints than petroleum refining. The problem is rooted in the thermal inefficiencies of the indirect conversion step, wherein coal is completely broken down to carbon monoxide and hydrogen and then reassembled by a process such as Fischer Tropsch synthesis. This project will develop a coal-to-liquids platform that will combine high efficiency conversion and efficient CO2 utilization. Commercial Applications and other Benefits as described by the awardee The integrated coal-to-liquids platform should provide transportation fuels at a lower cost and with a reduced GHG footprint than traditional petroleum refining. Because the U.S. has inexpensive and abundant supplies of coal, the commercialization of this technology would stimulate economic growth and increase national security while lowering overall GHG emission.

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