Innovative TES Standard/Concept to Enhance Future Training
Award last edited on: 1/26/07

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DOD : Army
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Principal Investigator
Himanshu N Parikh

Company Information

Icon Systems Inc

5744 Pacific Center Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121
   (858) 452-0496
Location: Single
Congr. District: 51
County: San Diego

Phase I

Contract Number: M67004-97-C-0007
Start Date: 11/4/96    Completed: 5/4/97
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
Icon Systems proposes to develop a new TES standard for MILES communication code structure, to increase by up to ten times the present number of player Ids available. This would significantly increase the numbers of players and weapon types available, while maintaining downward compatibility with basic MILES, AGES I/II and MILES 2000. Two different schemes will be established and studied. An analysis will be performed on the False Alarm Rate (FAR) and Probability of Word Detection for the existing enhanced MILES PID (5280) code structure versus each of the two new schemes proposed. In addition, Icon Systems also proposes a new TES concept, to increase the engagement range capabilities along with the number of player and weapon types, while maintaining eye safety. This new concept will significantly increase the Probability of Word Detection, while maintaining the same False Alarm Rate as existing MILES. This approach is downward compatible with existing MILES. With the advent of many IR and wireless communication devices within the commercial markets, office security of data in an intra-office environment has now become a serious issue. Use of the expanded code structures under evaluation for this project should lend to a simplified intra-office encryption method, to allow secure transfer of confidential data.

Phase II

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Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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