Radiation Cured Composites
Award last edited on: 11/25/2002

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DOD : Army
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Principal Investigator
Walter J Chappas

Company Information

Damilic Corporation

14670 Southlawn Lane
Rockville, MD 20850
   (301) 251-2960
Location: Single
Congr. District: 08
County: Montgomery

Phase I

Contract Number: DAAE07-92-C-R027
Start Date: 4/21/1992    Completed: 10/21/1992
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
The use of irradiation (typically electron beam processing) techniques to cure composite materials offers several advantages: (1) curing at ambient temperatures (2) reduced curing times (3) continuous operation allowing immediate next process (4) improved resin stability (5) less atmospheric pollution (6) increased design flexibility through process control a review and selection of materials for later process development is proposed.

Phase II

Contract Number: 94-C-R043
Start Date: 6/15/1994    Completed: 6/15/1996
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
During the Phase I project, feasibility of radiation curing for composites was demonstrated. The demonstration effectively exhibited two of the primary advantages of radiation curing: (1) The absence of thermal gradients, allowing the construction of parts from fibers with different coefficients of thermal expansion. (2) The absence of volatile gases, eliminating voids and resulting in significantly improved densities. This Phase II project further optimizes resin development, initiates a data base and produces an actual candidate part prototype for use on future armored vehicles.