Property Restoral Algorithms for Blind Adaptation of Receive-Path & Transmit-Path Antenna Arrays in Ground-Based Communication System
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Dean W Minster

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ACM Systems Inc (AKA: ACM Systems Inc~Advanced Counter-Measure Systems )

3034 Gold Canal Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
   (916) 859-4777
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An SBIR project is proposed here to develop novel techniques for directive/retrodirective communications, by using blind adaptation algorithms to adjust the array weight on the receive/transmit paths of a communication system. The proposed processor has the capability to automatically extract signals from the received environment, and to transmit signals back to the signal source using an antenna pattern that is either maximally directed towards the communication source (directive mode), or directed towards the communicator and away from the other emitters in the environment (retrodirective mode). The processor is able to accomplish this adaptation without the need for special-purpose antennas, special sensor geometries, or receiver calibration data to set the reception or transmission arrays. The objective of this SBIR project is to demonstrate the utility of blind directive/retrodirective communications for a ground-based tactical communication system. The technique development and evaluation will determine the performance of the system configurations under realistic conditions, using computer simulations. The evaluation will also include an assessment of the cost and performance trade-offs in the overall system. A goal of this development is to accomplish adaptation quickly enough to allow the antenna array to be used in conjunction with FH modulation formats.

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