MWIR Beacon for Downed Pilots and Aircrew
Award last edited on: 11/8/2023

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Nicholas Ripplinger

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Battle Sight Technologies LLC

714 East Monument Avenue Suite 225
Dayton, OH 45402
   (937) 238-7155
Location: Single
Congr. District: 10
County: Montgomery

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Contract Number: N/A
Start Date: 8/5/2021    Completed: 8/9/2022
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Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-21-P-1529
Start Date: 8/5/2021    Completed: 8/9/2022
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In late 2020, Battle Sight Technologies, LLC began working with the 920th OSS/OSK to help solve a communication, locating and rescue problem. Legacy solutions for locating and rescuing downed aircrew in nighttime environments involved electronic signaling broadcast widely to friend and foe. Advancing near-peer capabilities placed the isolated personnel (IP) at greater risk and signals were lost in the clutter of ambient surface light and electronic noise. The results of these failures include delays in locating aircrews within their target survival window and potential capture by near-peer forces both of which result in loss of highly trained, experienced aircrew assets and possibly compromised mission security. These capability gaps have led to a focus on isolated personnel modernization through Combat Rescue Vision 2035, signed in January by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the USAF for Operations.