Modular, Extreme-Life / Life-Extending Advanced Noise Suppression Technology
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Ian Muceus

Company Information

Battle Born Supply Co (AKA: BBSC)

90 1st South Street
Paradise Valley, NV 89426
   (775) 200-5490
Location: Single
Congr. District: 02
County: Humboldt

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-20-P-0250
Start Date: 12/12/2019    Completed: 12/12/2020
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Battle Born Supply Co., founded in 2019, has developed a modular, extreme lifespan / lifespan-extending advanced noise suppression technology based on proprietary and patent-pending internal suppressor geometry that reduces the sound signature of small arms by over 20% more than the best suppression technology on the market, where every single decibel can be a matter of life and death. This is a generational reduction in sound! Battle Born Supply Co.'s thesis regarding suppressors is that they must solve four major problems with today's swath of silencers. First, sound reduction must be increased via a major leap derived from new technology not simply by the relatively small reductions we've seen over the past two decades. Second, suppressors should be modular enough to change sound signatures on the fly, confusing the enemies of the United States and allowing our armed forces every advantage over them. Third, suppressors should have longer lifespans than the 10,000 - 30,000-round effective lifespans that are seen in the market currently. Finally, suppressors should incorporate passive technologies using advanced geometries and baffles to reduce sound in the form of pressure waves, while working toward more active technologies that also begin to address the crack of the sonic boom.

Phase II

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