ColdFIRE NIR Phosphors for Isolated Personnel Rescue
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Nicholas Ripplinger

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Battle Sight Technologies LLC

714 East Monument Avenue Suite 225
Dayton, OH 45402
   (937) 238-7155
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County: Montgomery

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Start Date: 7/2/2020    Completed: 7/2/2021
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Battle Sight has developed proprietary, patented ceramic-based phosphors (“ColdFIRE”) that function similar to the visible night glow phosphors used in civilian markets but tuned to specific light wavelengths for military use. Composed of basic earth elements, ColdFIRE is a photoluminescent, industrial powder which, in specific combinations, emits light in NIR and SWIR wavelengths (920 nm up to 1550 nm) once activated (charged) by an ambient light source such as fluorescent lights or sunlight. The same broad range of commercial products and form factors can now be developed for the military in a NIR variant visible only with night vision devices. Initial ColdFIRE product development has focused on the combat search and rescue (CSAR), isolated personnel and friend/foe mission sets.