Re-Creatable and Tailorable Cloud-based Digital Engineering Environment Digital Engineering Toolbox
Award last edited on: 10/7/2020

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Christopher J Sharbaugh

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Sabel Systems Technology Solutions

14300 Grackle Court
Gainesville, VA 20155
   (703) 927-3951
Location: Single
Congr. District: 01
County: Prince Willim

Phase I

Contract Number: FA3002-19-P-A070
Start Date: 11/26/2018    Completed: 2/14/2019
Phase I year
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Many Air Force engineers are limited in access to the optimal tools to complete their jobs. Digital Engineering has ability to provide access to the tools required to develop and maintain weapon systems. What is needed is a repeatable and extensible cost-effective method to reach and provide tools and methods (Model-Based Systems Engineering) for data storage of engineering data (Digital Twin) that is capable of being tracked, updated, and interacted with by multiple parties both in the DoD and in the contractor community (Digital Thread).The USAF Digital Engineering (DE) Ecosystem Cloud-Based DE Infrastructure project demonstrated the feasibility of conducting digital engineering in a cloud environment using COTS tools.Sabel proposes to expand on that work and create repeatable and extensible versions of the cloud deployable digital engineering environment that have been built to the most frequent / probably software tools that USAF organizations can install with minimal support to stand-up a Engineering Toolbox.During the Phase I, Sabel proposes to validate the product-market fit between the proposed solution and a potential USAF stakeholder and create an instance of the DEE consisting of a digital document storage, search tool, and the universal engineering storefront hosted in a DoD compliant cloud.Digital Engineering,Model Based Engineering,CAD,CAM,Simulation

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8751-19-C-A063
Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
Phase II year
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The Sabel Technology Solutions, LLC SBIR entitiled Re-Creatable and Tailorable Cloud-based Digital Engineering Environment Digital Engineering Toolbox Solution Phase I objective was to assess the market potential for a standard baselines of a DEE; including documenting data types, transfer methods, and basic community use guidelines. These baselines were driven by Program and User Community Capability Architypes.The architypes were foundational requirements for rapid capability deployment and tailoring scripts and documentation to quickly transition programs into a digital engineering framework and implement Model Based Engineering.In summary, the Phase I program was a success. The team identified multiple users and is in the process of securing additional funding.These opportunities led to a Phase II SBIR (RAPID) proposal for the purpose of implementation of the DEE into an empowered and committed Air Force End User.The program demonstrated that there is a need and appetite for digital engineering cloud services in the USAF and that program offices are ready to engage and adopt the new technology. In the Phase II, Sabel will install a Digital Engineering Cloud Environment at the end users facility. Then provide means to ingest, store, and utilize the data by the USAF end users.