Pervasive low-cost radiation monitoring with smartphones
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Gordon Drukier

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Image Insight Inc

222 Pitkin Street Suite 128
East Hartford, CT 06108
   (888) 667-9244
Location: Single
Congr. District: 01
County: Hartford

Phase I

Contract Number: FA3002-19-P-A080
Start Date: 11/26/2018    Completed: 2/14/2019
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The GammaPix technology from Image Insight provides radiological threat detection using nothing other than a commercial smartphone. The data is fed through secure channels to a cloud-based Common Operating Picture for action by supervisory personnel. The GammaPix Pro app is currently being integrated with the Nett Warrior and ATAK programs. By adapting this version of the Android GammaPix Pro app for Air Force use, every Airman can become a sensor node to protect against radiological threats. In this project we will engage with the agencies with the Air Force responsible for Force Protection and dealing with radiological hazards, consult with them to determine the requirements for GammaPix to be used by Air Force personnel, and modify the GammaPix Pro app to fulfill these requirements. The GammaPix technology was developed with funding from multiple government agencies over the past 10 years. Its sensitivity has improved by a factor of 200 in that time, and most models of smartphone can detect 2mr/h in less than one minute of data. GammaPix has been successfully tested in multiple labs and has been sold to First Responders and national governments.Radiological detection,force protection,low-cost,pervasive awareness,sensor fusion,cyber-physical MASINT

Phase II

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