Sequential Phase II TACFI Contract, Topic Number: AF192-001
Award last edited on: 2/12/2021

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Principal Investigator
Mike Vinson

Company Information

Averatek Corporation

550 Nuttman Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
   (408) 496-1010
Location: Single
Congr. District: 17
County: Santa Clara

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-19-P-A060
Start Date: 8/9/2019    Completed: 8/9/2020
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
Averatek's technology is based on advanced chemistry originally developed at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA. (Averatek is a spin-off from SRI.) The use of this chemistry along with additive manufacturing techniques developed by Averatek dramatically advances the capabilities of existing domestic manufacturers. Averatek's technology can be implemented incrementally in phases starting at 25 micron feature sizes and moving down to 5 micron feature sizes over a reasonably short time period. This technology would provide leading edge technology within the US and contribute dramatically to reduction in Size, Weight and Power of electronic subsystems used by the Air Force. Additional advanced features such as flexible circuits, RF optimized circuits and circuits with embedded bare die are also practical using Averatek's technology and can be added as required. These additional features would provide for dramatic advances in phased array radar and other high-frequency electronic systems.

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8650-22-C-1200
Start Date: 9/30/2022    Completed: 12/30/2024
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
Averatek’s next generation of high performance, miniaturized, light, and domestically manufactured printed circuit boards and packaging technology provides a secure foundation for the United States Air Force’s fleet of unmanned aircraft, sensors, and comm