Agile Optics and Optical Systems for Autonomous Aerial Surveillance Cameras
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Steven Yi

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Accel Brands Inc (AKA: AccelPath Inc~Genex~Technest Holdings Inc )

850 Third Avenues Suite 16c
New York, NY 10022
   (212) 994-9875
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Congr. District: 12
County: New York

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Funded through several Navy and allied programs, Technest Holdings, Inc. (Technest) has successfully developed miniature and rugged optical sensors for autonomous operation of Unmanned Aircrafts and Helicopters. Leveraging these experiences, Technest proposes in this SBIR Phase I effort to develop a low power, light weight, mission adaptable, electronic zoom and slewing capable, and image stabilized day/night sensor SpectralBird. Figure 1 shows the opto-mechanical model of the SpectralBird system. SpectralBird has modularly designed SWIR/Vis-NIR optic, fast steering mirror for slewing and vibration compensation, gyros for dual axis stabilisation, and a day/night InGaAs SWIR imager. SpectralBird system is projected to be only 2”x2”x3” in dimensions, and weights only 375g (SWIR only) or 401g (SWIR/Vis-NIR).

Optics, Agile, Adaptable, Deformable, Steering, Stabilization, Surveillance, Monitoring

Phase II

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Technest Inc. proposes in this SBIR II effort to develop and prototype a fully functional UAV borne sensor dubbed SpectralBird that features low power consumption, light weight, wide mission adaptability, electronic zoom and slewing capability, and stabilized day/night images. Our Phase I proof-of-concept study has demonstrated feasibility of using miniature active components, resulting from late proven technologies, in the Spectral sensor system to meet the stated requirements.  Technests approach involves use of novel active optics and a miniature gyro made via Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology.The SpectralBird sensor design effort leverages Technests expertise and experience in designing and prototyping various manned and unmanned aerial vehicle borne sensor systems for the past two decades.

The SpectralBird sensor system can have both civilian and military applications. UAVs provide reconnaissance in extremely dangerous environments and having a robust, low power, day/night sensor can provide information that can be exploited effectively. The armed forces can have enhanced capabilities in urban warfare through persistent surveillance and timely threat detection. As more and more unmanned vehicles and robots become commonplace, SpectralBird system can become more of a critical need for these growing markets.

Optics, Agile, Adaptable, Deformable, Steering, Stabilization, Surveillance, Monitoring