VARTM Processing of High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites
Award last edited on: 3/29/2019

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Jim M Criss Jr

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M&P Technologies Inc

4870 Lake Fjord Pass
Marietta, GA 30068

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Phase I

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By leveraging recent innovations in resin formulations and low cost processing techniques, affordable high temperature composite structures can be affordably achieved. Newly developed polyimide (PI) resins demonstrate excellent property retention at 550°F for up to 1000 hrs. Fabrication of PI based composites is currently too expensive for most production applications. The feasibility of high temperature VARTM has been demonstrated with PETI-298, a PI resin with low melt viscosity, on small scale laminates. No high temperature VARTM processes have been successfully demonstrated with other resins or on large structures. M&P Technologies proposes to leverage these innovations and its expertise in VARTM processing to develop technology to VARTM AFR-RTM into large structures. M&P Technologies has developed a comprehensive Phase I project plan to extend these past successes to new resins and once successful, Phase II would scale up to large components and ultimately conduct a cost benefit analysis for transitioning these new technologies to production applications. To further increase the probability of successful commercial implementation, M&P Technologies will work closely with Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing. These resins along with technology developed under this project will allow the manufacture of affordable supersonic aircraft, missiles and reusable launch vehicles.

Peti, High Temperature Vartm, Infusion Processing, Polyimide Composites

Phase II

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