High Power, High Efficiency Optical Power Amplifiers
Award last edited on: 5/20/2008

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Fritz Strohkendl

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AZNA LLC (AKA: AZNA corporation)

36 Jonspin Road
Wilmington, MA 01887
   (978) 642-2025
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 06
County: Middlesex

Phase I

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Free space optical communications is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for intersatellite links (ISLs). Typical systems utilize high speed laser sources coupled with high power optical amplifiers. We propose the development of a high efficiency, high average power (22W), low noise, optical fiber amplifier for free-space satellite communications. The amplifier supports variable output pulse energies ranging from 2.2nanoJ at 10GHz up to 120microJ at 180kHz repetition rate when seeded with 10 pJ/bit. The amplifier has a 25 GHz bandwidth that can be tuned to match the transmitter/receiver, allowing large signal-to-noise improvement. The predicted signal to noise at the amplifier output is 48 dB in a 25 GHz bandwidth. We will further optimize our design through (1) match of gain media and pump lasers, (2) study of various pump geometries.

The communications satellite market is rapidly expanding. For communication between satellites the new method of choice is optical data links, as they are more compact, lighter, and more energy efficient than RF based links. The increased power of our amplifier will enable high transmission rates, up to 100 Gbs. Its variable pulse energy feature will significantly facilitate initial emitter-receiver alignment and enable operation in high back-ground noise environments.

laser communications, optical power amplifier, erbium amplifier, satellite communications, Lasers

Phase II

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In this Phase II proposal Azna corporation proposes the development of a high power (16W), highly efficient (27% wall plug efficiency) communications amplifier which operates near 1560 nm. We present a development path towards improving the current state of the art for diode pumped high power fiber amplifiers at 1.5 ƒ?m in terms of power and wall plug efficiency by at least a factor of 3. This program is intended to demonstrate an amplifier architecture capable of achieving Transformational Communications program goals for specific power and efficiency using technology that is compatible with space flight applications.

Er/Yb Co-Doping, Doped Fiber Amplifier, Satellite