The Recovery of Depth Information in the Human Visual System
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Gregg E Irvine

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3541 Great Oak Lane
Birmingham, AL 35223
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Contract Number: F33615-87-C-0541
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The goal of the overall program is to investigate the relevant information content contained in a physiologically based model of the human visual system with regards to the efficient and efficacious extraction of depth through stereopsis. In the context of a model of the human visual system this approach utilizes the physiological information filtering characteristics known to exist in primate visual cortex, the gabor representation, in an attempt to develop an efficient method for extracting a depth array via disparity mapping based on local spatial and local spatial frequency encoding. The significance of this approach is that it models not a visual system, but rather an experimentally verified model of the primate visual system. This is critical to the effective application of human information processing techniques to specialized OR intelligent image processing systems. To meet the goal, the relevant information contained in filtered stereo image pairs will be examined to determine optimal disparity extraction algorithms on this type of representation in a test of system performance.

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