Baker Engineering Inc
Business Identifier: High-performance engine development
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Baker Engineering Inc (BEI) is a precision machining company developing high-performance technologies for a variety of applications, including custom engines and engine components, along with the production of parts and mechanical assemblies for other industries. BEI’s technology serves both corporate customers and individuals that need performance in demanding situations and range from race teams and streetcar enthusiasts, to military suppliers and the US Department of Defense (Army/TARDEC, Air Force Research Laboratory, Navy and DARPA). Development technologies currently underway include the Nutating Disk Engine, a new engine concept with a higher power density than conventional reciprocating piston engines. Thermodynamic analysis shows that the Meyer Engine has two times the power density of 2-stroke piston engines and 4 times the power density of 4-stroke piston engines; an Opposed Piston Diesel Engine, a family of engines based on traditional inwardly-opposed-piston design, coupled with advanced engine health management strategies to offer the reliability and efficiency of a breathe-easy piston port design; an UAV Rotary Engine based on the approach of direct combustion chamber fuel injection optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); and a small electronically-controlled Fuel Injection System being designed to operate on a variety of diesel fuels, including military grade, for diesel engine applications ranging from 2.5 - 100hp.

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Advanced Rotary Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System for Unmanned and Manned Ground Vehicles
Modeling & Simulation for Optimization of Heavy-Fuel Micro Rotary Engines
Development of small fuel efficient multi-fuel capability engine
4.5 Liter Opposed-piston engine development for improved power density
High Density Inwardly Opposed Piston Two Cycle Diesel Engine