Abeome Corporation
Business Identifier: novel, proprietary platform technology to improve selection of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies
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Abeome is a biotechnology company leveraging a novel, proprietary platform technology to significantly improve the selection of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies. Over the past decade, monoclonal antibodies have emerged as one of the most important therapeutic elements in pharmaceuticals today, as well as the key to new diagnostic products and a critical research tool throughout the life sciences sector. Monoclonal antibodies are typically created using hybridoma technology; that is, fusing antibody-producing B cells with non-antibody-producing cancer cells (usually a myeloma). These hybridomas are then "immortal" and produce a range of antibodies of interest to medical researchers. The core challenge to researchers is to identify and isolate hybridomas that only produce antibodies for a particular antigen. The isolation and cloning of desired hybridomas from a heterogenous mix of cells is a time-consuming and laborious procedure, with significant inefficiencies throughout the process. Abeome's technology is focused on breaking down the two major bottlenecks of screening of hybridomas: quality and speed. Abeome's DiSH (Direct Selection of Hybridomas) technology offers a dramatically improved process for rapidly selecting desired hybridomas that are genetically stable and produce antibodies with optimal binding characteristics. Through genetic engineering techniques, Abeome is able to get desired hybridomas that present significantly greater surface antibody.by using fluorescent labeled antigen. After labeling, the hybridomas can be efficiently screened and cloned using high speed fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) instrumentation.

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