Impact Technologies LLC
Business Identifier: analysis, prediction and management of the health of critical assets
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In December 2011, Impact Technologies LLC was acquired by Sikorsky and now operates as a subsiduary of Sikorsky Innovations . Impact Technologies is a world class engineering firm dedicated to supplying advanced diagnostic and prognostic solutions to a wide variety of industries that utilize complex mechanical, electromechanical and software systems including healthcare, power and defense. We possess a strong vision of the value and future of system diagnostics and prognostics and how these can change not only the way that companies and institutions maintain equipment today, but also how maintenance will be performed in the future. We assist our customers in the development of customized applications of diagnostic and prognostic technology, and produce concrete metrics that justify investment. Areas of expertise include automated health monitoring solutions for electrical & control systems, gas & steam turbines, drive train components, pumps, compressors, actuators as well as detailed integration of data and knowledge related to these systems into enterprise applications. Impact's innovative product & services focus on analyzing, predicting, and managing the health of critical systems. Products include Condition Based Maintenance Monitoring Systems (CBMi), High Speed Inspection Products, Advanced Sensors for Condition Monitoring and Process Control and sophisticated and varied machine learning technologies. Services include failure mode analysis, Prognostic Software Design and Development, Logistics and Enterprise Asset Management System Optimization, Turbomachinery Engineering, Design, Testing & Analysis, Vibration Consulting. Impact Technologies performs research and development into system prognostics, provides engineering design analysis, and sells commercial software products for system design and automated health assessment. Impact Technologies continually invests in its reputation for delivering high value engineering services and providing visionary, leading edge technology in system prognostics and health management

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Intelligent Sensor Registration and Data Association
Prognostic Integrated Multi-Sensor MEMS Module (PRISM)
Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Test System